Day 5 of living below the breadline

With ignorant arrogance I began this quest knowing that the biggest challenge for me would be that I would be hungry for 5 days. I am, still slightly dazedly, startled by the experience I have actually had. 

I have been a bit hungry, but nothing too terrible but what has hit me the most is the change of my outlook on life. OK so 5 days isn’t that long, this experience hasn’t been unbearable, i’ll be told by many people that I’ve got far too serious and “deep” about the whole thing as I’ve still laughed and managed to get things done at work but I have gone about it all more begrudgingly than usual. The lack of energy, fuzzy vision, short fuse, short concentration ability and with much less of a sense of humor the week has been less satisfying than normal life and for me, that’s a big deal.

Living on this type of budget isn’t just about not being able to go for a beer with your mates, or not getting a steak with dinner, this is about getting the vital vitamins to function at your full potential. Living life when you are half arsing it just isn’t enough for me. Some people will choose to live like that even with the right food but everyone should be given the chance to make that decision surely? 

At the beginning of the week I thought my spaghetti and cheap tomato sauce tasted fine but 5 days in, a few bites of this made me gag…


Food has lost its appeal. It’s a bizarre experience as I am the sort of person who will eat even when they aren’t hungry, just because something yummy is in front of me. Eating for survival is much more boring than eating for enjoyment, I guess I never realised having a variety in my diet was such a luxury.

After 5 days of living on £1 a day I would never have guessed that there would be food left over, but quite a large chunk of frozen veg, pasta and rice all sit threateningly in my kitchen.

What's left

This is my final appeal; the past 5 days I have been a worse version of me. Give people the chance to be the best version of themselves by sponsoring me;

For those of you who don’t know, living below the breadline is just a small part of a larger project. Myself and team are leading the Oxjam Music Festival project for Cambridge this year. ‘Oxjam Cambridge Takeover’ is part of the UK’s largest national music festival and it’s all in aid of Oxfam. Over 100 local music acts will entertain over 1000 eager audience members, over 6 venues and 12 hours in central Cambridge. If you want to get involved as a volunteer on the door, to perform, to provide technical support or want some events management experience then please contact me on

You can join in the conversation here: 

Twitter: @OxjamCambridge




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