Day 4 of living below the breadline

I woke up this morning with what can only be described as a “carb hangover”. Unfortunately this hangover hasn’t lifted all day. I’ve had a fuzzy head and occasionally forget a really simple word and have then had to replace it with multiple simpler words.

Yesterday evening I got the chance to experience what my social life would be like if I lived like this all the time. For those of you who don’t know, I have a slightly brattish side to me, generally, only in regard to food, for example, if I am our socialising and I can’t have access to food or drink and have to sit there with a pint of tap water it makes me grouchy. This is me behind the camera spitefully looking at my water, and feeling grouchy:

just water

And here is proof of my admirable self control whilst my friend munched on scampi and chips…

(I should add she felt very guilty about it but I thought that being near it would add to the pain of this experience and therefore add to the gain too)


With a mixture of various frustrating, upsetting and tiring circumstances over the evening I ended the day yesterday nearly in tears. I am starting to feel really pathetic. I have no energy and I have a short temper which is horrible because I am not usually like this. I am starting to count down the hours but getting to this low state makes me start thinking how on earth people can do this all the time. Being hungry and not eating the right food makes you tired, grumpy and completely off your game…I feel slightly more stupid without the nutrients I need. If I lived like this all the time, this person, who I don’t like very much, would be the permanent me and I know for sure I wouldn’t have the same friends or career prospects. It’s really quite miserable and really sad for those people who have this life. Living off £1 a day is not just making me hungry but it’s making me less of a person, less employable, less enthusiastic, less smiley, less interesting…


I didn’t eat breakfast again today. I don’t feel that hungry but I know I should eat and then when I do I get that growly hungry feeling in my tummy. I treated myself at lunch though, I added frozen veg to the mix!

Todays Lunch


I have rice again for dinner but the thought of it is making me feel actually quite sick. I may substitute dinner for toast, jam, a cup of tea and an early night.


I apologise for any typos…I’ve checked with my squinty vision which may not have been too effective.

Just over 24 hours to go…please sponsor me and make this experience really worth it!


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