Day 3 of living below the breadline…

Just typing the word “bread” in the title makes me feel a little queezy. No more bread PLEASE!
Like anything, you get better at living on a £1 a day over time and practice. I think if I had my time again I could make it more enjoyable but I am not convinced that I could do it healthier…I can’t help but think about the correlation between expensive food in the UK and obesity. I had a little gander online and Freakonomics found evidence supporting a link between obesity and food prices and I totally support their ideas. You can read it here.
I skipped breakfast this morning to relieve my stomach of starch and had a banana mid morning. I’ve eaten very little today because I feel so full and my trousers definitely feel tighter today! I never thought this experience would tap into my insecurities of becoming overweight but it adds another level to the challenge, which makes me feel even better about the money everyone has donated. It was never going to be easy!
On a lighter note, I don’t for a SECOND regret sacrificing something potentially better for me so that I could buy tea bags and milk!
Don’t sit at home tonight with your beautifully balanced meal and feel gluttonous…DONATE and it’ll help you enjoy your dinner even more! 😉

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