Day 2 of living below the breadline …

So not much to tell you about my dinner last night apart from that it was rice, frozen mixed veg and onion…it was fine. The curry my other half devoured looked much more appetizing!

Today this happened…

An epic fail in my organisational skills…whilst managing to organise INTERNATIONAL FOOD DAY in the office to suit all staff members, I neglected to recognize it was during my £1 a day week which means this beautiful array of food (including an Iranian curry I made for everyone) was at my fingertips but I was unable to take part…I sat there staring into this…

Day 1 lunch

So after more toast and more pasta I’m starting to realise my error in judgement for this task. I was so caught up in thinking that I would be hungry all the time that when I spent my £5 I went for the carbohydrates. Yes, it is keeping me full but not in a good way. I am tired and I am bloated, my stomach is growing by the day and by 4pm at work I don’t have much concentration.

Ever dreamt of a salad? Stranger things have happened…


Just £14 to reach my target fundraising goal!


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