Laugh your way through life!

So I hit maximum capacity on the stupidity scale last week when I lost my passport the day before I was due to go on holiday, completely out of character for me, so much so that I am convinced that someone is playing a terrible joke on me. So while the others are out gallivanting having a good time I am sat in my house alone and…I’ve had an epiphany! –  If someone could please invent a little gadget (hand held please for easy use) which could make time go backwards just by about 7 days that would be swell.

The opportunities are immense! You could turn back time so you could stop the assassination of George so The Beatles could bring us more drug fuelled lyrical gems of awsomeness, you could stop yourself from watching the youtube clip that has encrypted itself in your brain so you’re finding it difficult to get horny because of THOSE images, you could rewind time so that you stop yourself from telling that unbelievably inappropriate joke at your staff party, you could go back to the interview you flunked and stop yourself from telling them to many truths and not enough bullshit, you could go back to that night when you had that one too many WKD’s and threw up all over your crush…the opportunities are endless.


So what can you do until this miraculous gadget is invented? Here are my top tips on how to get a giggle out of life:

  1. Choose your friends carefully – audition them even, why the hell not!
  2. Do a fake evil plan laugh…it will end you in fits of giggles, these guys can give you a good example Phoebe and Joey from friends.
  3. Feed a baby something sour.
  4. Feed a dog a grape.
  5. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend get them to sit still while you place your mouth over their nose and blow…it makes a fog horn sound.
  6. Make up a word and then attempt to use it in every sentence until it starts having a meaning.
  7. Stalk a bird as if you are a tiger in the jungle.
  8. Sing a song as loudly and out of tune as you possibly can.
  9. Watch a pet wonder around minding its own business and commentate their life as is they are discovering things for the first time.
  10. Make a slip and slide.

All these things will help you forget your biggest idiot moment de-blush those cheeks and getting you snorting with laughter…have fun!

And if you are REALLY struggling to see the funny side of life then watch this clip because these guys have found something to have a good giggle over: Laugh your way through life!


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