My life…in a nutshell

Due to high demand and encouragement from various influencial beings in my life I have been persuaded to share with you, my readers (haha that makes me sound so pretentious…I take it back) a moment of my life that you might enjoy. They say that popular blogs are popular because the readers feel a connection to the writer so here is a chance for you to get an idea of the sort of life that I lead….
So im jogging along happily nearly on my 4th mile doing a slightly dramatic run to go with the intense music i’m listening to and with no warning on pops The Midnight Beast “Lez Be Friends” song so I am half running half acting my way down the track (if you don’t know the dance moves then learn them) i’m not paying attention to anything and suddenly something falls from the tree and smacks me in th…e head ending my performance abruptly and I let out a squeal of shock and pain, this point at which I realize I have a full audience on the other side of the river enjoying the show…needless to say I pick up the pace a little to get out of site…sometimes I am totally convinced that my life is just part of someone’s comedy sketch show and I am merely a puppet…

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